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Continuation of Research Project at University of Hertfordshire

Date posted: September 12, 2019

Last year we supported a research study about returning to work after cancer Treatment.  Andrew Parsons and Colleen Addicott from the University of Hertfordshire (UoH) have been able to present key findings and recommendations at National and International Psychological Conferences. Their results suggest that:

  • People undergo a change in their world view regarding themselves and their work.
  • The individuals’ psychological resources were an important part of successfully returning to work after treatment.
  • Line managers and colleagues play a key role – their ability to communicate effectively with and support their colleagues who have cancer is a key factor
  • A ‘one size fits all’ organisational approach to returning to work is not likely to be very effective. It needs to be person centred and tailored to the individual.

The UoH Team is now keen to expand the work. The aim of the next study is to further investigate the psychological impact of a range of life events on a person’s self-concept and meaning of work,  and, to have input from individuals with a broader range of different life-events to allow comparison of their impact.

If you are interested in taking part in this study, please follow this link.